Tips and Tricks

Chisels & Bits has a lot of different features that use useful in cutting down on how much time it takes to design your custom blocks, keep this in mind when you're making something new there's usually more than one way to accomplish something.

Undo / Redo

You can undo most bit/chisel operations, creative block destruction included. These commands can be invaluable if your building something and accidentally click on the wrong thing, or make a wrong move.

Almost every mode and action has an optional keybind

This means that you can bind undo/redo, or specific modes to mouse buttons or keyboard keys allowing you to skip the radial menu and spend more time chiseling

Holding shift allows you to ignore the block boundaries when placing a chiseled block.

This lets you combine different parts of various blocks together and work with larger portions without having to build everything in one block.

Bits and Chisels has many different modes

Depending on what your doing one mode might be more useful than another, and remembers that the radial menu works for bits, postive designs, tape measures as well for chisels

The wrench can rotate around any axis.

If you use the wrench on a west face, the block will rotate around the east - west axis, it's all about which face you click on.

The saw works on any symmetrical block, allowing you to cut more than just simple chunks of one material

For instance you can make a pillar, then you can cut up a pillar into four corners and apply it in new ways.

You can duplicate positive patterns by crafting the pattern with a bag which contains the necessary bits

This lets you quickly copy your work and make more of the different parts you need when building allowing you to focus on the larger aspects rather than having to redo the designs you have already completed, you can also use the postiive pattern's placment mode to skip the crafting step.

If you have a lot of the same type of chiseled block, but they won't stack you can craft them by themselves.

This removes any extra rotation, placement information from the block allowing you to stack more effectively.